A visitor of our Repair Café at Maakbar brings us a Power bank battery pack with USB ports. It loads only when holding the charging cable. 
The brand is called Temium.


It seems that the connections inside are loose since by manipulating it, it tends to go on-and-off.


We are opening the casing to have a better look, taking pictures to make sure we are able to close it properly again. For safety reasons we remove the battery (it is soldered to the PCB) and finally we have access to the small soldering-connections of the USB on the back. It is not clear whether they are loose but in fact this is hard to check. We could test it with a multimeter but decide to resolder the connections anyway with the soldering iron to make sure that the connections are robust again.

The USB was re-soldered and the batteries were at the end also soldered back to the plate again.

And finally the battery pack is back to work:


Small screwddriver (cross-head / small diameter) and a soldering iron


Small pins to solder.

Spare Parts

Not necessary :)




Angel is als hersteller actief bij Maakbar en Maakbaar Repair Cafés en vooral geïnteresseerd in kleine elektronische apparaten. Hij is zonder twijfel een van de meest actieve vrijwillige herstellers in Leuven.

Fotograaf: Joey Heirman